Noah Davidson(a.k.a No Duh)
Lead Designer, Gameplay Engineer
As the lead designer and gameplay programmer, I am in charge of creating major gameplay themes and their implementation.
Species: Black Walnut (Juglans)
Benjamin Filstrup(a.k.a Captain Sarcasm)
Code Monkey
When I'm not being tossed around departments, I like to work on the UI. I have a passion for user-experience and getting things just right!
Species: Lobster Claw (Heliconia rostrata)
Andrei Krainiouk(a.k.a Landrei)
Gameplay Engineer
I provide all the amoral support.
Species: Quercus (Oak)
Matthew Kuhn(a.k.a Twiggles)
Sound Engineer
I'm in charge of discussing ideas with the musicians and integrating sound and music into the project. I believe everything in a game should exist for a reason that is coherent and fun.
Species: Kumquat Tree (Citrus Japonica)
Devon Long(a.k.a Sunny 'D' Long)
Gameplay/AI Engineer, Playtest Coordinator
As a programmer I have worked extensively on the AI for the minions and buildings. I am also in charge of getting feedback from our playtesters and processing this data so that our team can decide on the best path forward for our game.
Species: Banyan Tree (Ficus benghalensis)
Eliezer Miron(a.k.a Elmo)
Gameplay Engineer, Social Media Coordinator
I'm the godfather of structures, the concept-slinging design-maestro of the ever-changing world, and the iterator of important UI elements. I am not only a gameplay programmer, but also the Social Media Coordinator of the team. Collecting feedback and making our presence known is the goal I've set my sights on.
Species: Saguaro (Carnegia)
Zachary Petersen(a.k.a Zach Support)
All-Father to the Flora Universe (Project Lead, Lead Engineer)
If you have a question, you can come to me! I'm the creator of Flora and serve as project lead for our team. I've written a lot of the design tools and core gameplay mechanics so I know where to look when strange bugs appear. I've also put a lot of effort into making the game look nice, both from an engineering standpoint (building our shaders and rigs) and an artistic standpoint (as a concept artist, modeler, and animator).
Species: Flame Flower (Tropaeslum Speciosum)
Sterling Salvaterra(a.k.a Stizzo)
The glue that holds the team together (Producer and Gameplay Engineer)
I am the man who works to keep this great team organized and on track. I can be found coding something, participating in a design meeting, creating 3D assets, and every so often planning a sprint. I try to take some of the weight off of Zachs shoulders and constantly remind him of what sleep is.
Species: Olive tree (Oleaceae)
Harold Townsend(a.k.a Haro2D)
Gameplay/AI Engineer, Master of Placeholder Assets
Besides planning out awesome features with the rest of the team, I create interesting AI for the corrupted creatures and work to optimize Flora's performance.
Species: Habanero Pepper (Capsicum chinense)